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    As many of you will have noticed this group is now re-open but as a closed group. This follows complaints by some members that technical information was being copied on to Facebook from the main website.

    Given that we have spent 9 years building up the main site from nothing and also that we have several hundred members who pay for access to the detailed technical sections it is unfair that those members should suddenly see that information being posted for free on Facebook.

    Facebook is free but www.smaxownersclub.com is not as we have to pay for server time, software and technical assistance from outside consultancies.

    Therefore with immediate effect we will no longer allow threads of a technical nature to be posted on Facebook. They will simply be closed or deleted and there will be no discussion, negotiation begging or pleading. Put in to plain English - if you want or need technical information then use the main website. Please.

    Finally we will also take down any commercial posts advertising goods or services.